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NTSA boss gives conditions for graffiti to remain on matatus

The National Transport and Safety Authority has clarified that matatus can have graffiti as long as they adhere to certain rules set out two years ago.

NTSA Director General Francis Mejja on Monday said that action will only be taken against vehicles with graffiti on windows and those whose sacco names are not visible.

“We want to see what is happening inside. Nobody said that all public transport vehicles should have a single colour,” he said.

“There is a misconception that we are against graffiti but that is not the case. We set regulations on graffiti and that is what we will enforce.”


This comes as a national wide crackdown on lawlessness in the public transport sector kicks off.

An earlier statement by Inspector general of Police Joseph Boinett had left matatu owners uneasy after it emerged authorities would go against President Kenyatta’s directive to lift a ban on all graffiti.

The President lifted the ban imposed by NTSA in 2016 to promote entrepreneurial art and culture.

IG Boinett in an interview on a local television station affiliated graffiti to gangsters and violence.

“I celebrate our culture and love art. But not one that celebrates gangsters or violence,” the police boss said during the interview.