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Mobile alcoblow patrol unleashed on Nairobians

Nairobians who love to drink and drive are a worried lot after some of the 45 newly acquired vehicles by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) were spotted fuelling at a petrol station.

Pictures of the Peugeot vehicles at the Total station on Mombasa Road were circulated late Friday afternoon, touching off a chatter on social media.

NTSA chairman Lee Kinyajui told Nairobi News that they were given 45 vehicles by Treasury to cater for their transport needs. The assumption is that the vehicles could be used for mobile alcoblow patrols.


NTSA has been seeking ways to outsmart some Kenyans who have started alcoblow watch groups on mobile messengers such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

“You thought a lion on the loose was a nightmare, these NTSA beasts have just been unleashed,” complained one Twitter user.

“It’s better to have lions on the loose than these NTSA cars,” added another.

As of March 14, NTSA said 698 people had died on the Kenyan roads. Driving under the influence has been blamed for most of the fatal crashes.