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NTSA goes after city matatus hiking fares

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) wants city commuters to report cases of matatu operators hiking fares during peak hours.

The enforcement of the ‘Michuki rules’ and the failed ban of matatus from the city centre saw matatus in some routes hike fates by up to 100 per cent during rush hours.

NTSA on Wednesday warned that matatu operators found to have increased fares will have their road service license revoked.

In the last two weeks, distances where city commuters would pay a fare of Sh30 have increased to Sh50 and those that used to pay Sh50 have reported an increase to Sh80.

The Authority wants city commuters to download its App which they can use to report instances of hiked fares.

NTSA’s notice will also cover the festive season when operators routinely increase fares.

Commuters have already started reporting the routes where operators have hiked fares.

One wrote; “Please check out UBT and EBT sacco operating along the eastern bypass. They charge a fixed rate for everyone even to those alighting 3km away…70sh from 50sh is way too much for a short distance.There should be a fare chart and not a fixed one for all stages.”

Another added; “Zuri Sacco ksh.100 mahali 50bob.”

Another stated;“The fare chart for MSL operators before 6 am its 50 but they charge 60-80 past 6 am they change to 100 and in the evening fare charts display 80 but they charge 100 sayinga eti ni traffic, How on earth does 17km from town to mwiki and 25km to Kikuyu be cheaper.”