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NTSA heavily penalises 2NK sacco driver for chatting while driving

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has taken action against a matatu driver who was photographed texting on his phone while driving at high speed.

The authority on Thursday evening said it had suspended the driver’s driving licence and revoked his Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence. NTSA has also withdrawn the driver’s PSV badge and demanded that he should be retested to access his competencies.

The authority further ordered 2NK sacco to strike his name off their portal, and take responsibility and organize a road safety sensitization for the sacco management, all its drivers and conductors within seven days.


The 2NK driver was recently photographed endangering lives of his passengers by checking his phone behind the wheel while doing more than 80kph on a highway.

On Thursday, the authority summoned 2NK Sacco officials and the driver. The two parties appeared before a multi-agency team “comprising of officers from NTSA and the National Police Service to address the complaint received”.

“We urge members of the public to continue supporting the Authority in weeding out rogue drivers in order to keep our roads safe. The action of this driver put the lives of many innocent passengers at risk and we must all work to speak up about such vices,” said NTSA via Facebook.

“The use of mobile phones is a distraction. It takes the driver’s eyes off the road, with one hand on the wheel it is harder to navigate bends and respond to hazards.”