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NTSA hunting for matatu driver filmed clobbering passenger – VIDEO

By Silvania Ambani

The National Transport and Safety Authority is hunting for a matatu driver caught on camera attacking a male passenger with a metal rod.

The video, shared on social media by blogger Robert Alai, show the two exchanging blows at a roadside, with the matatu driver appearing to be overwhelmed.

The driver dashes to his vehicle and returns armed with a metal rod that he uses to assault the passenger.

The driver is then be heard saying that the man attacked him for no reason and he had to defend himself.

According to Blogger Alai, the incident took place along Kangundo road.

“Our attention has been brought on the video which was circulated on social media sites yesterday of a driver attacking a passenger, the action taken by the driver is unacceptable, we are pursuing the matter and update on the action taken #SpeakOut on rogue behaviors on our roads,” posted NTSA on social media.


Kenyans online expressed mixed emotions regarding the video.

Miles tweeted; “The fight between passengers and conductors is on rise. They are carrying excess and when a passenger questions it becomes a war. Seat belts are for our safety and Kenyans should be firm on this for their own safety.”

Titus Kipkosgei said; “Worst thing is the other passengers would be sitting and watching the harassment!”

Theodore T wrote, “I have never seated pretty in the face of oppression. I wud have been part of that fight. Seriously.”

Count Olaf commented; “This is how somebody ends in serving many years in Kamiti…. That driver is getting jailed soonest.”

Benji Ndolo said; “Kenyans are so bitter, frustrated and turning on one another because of 2bob. Police ought to make quick work of such cases chap chap.”

Lisa Shad said; “Hii tabia ya wakenya kuangalia MTU akichapwa without assisting only to record a video as evidence tulitoa wapi surely.”