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NTSA summons rogue matatu driver and conductor for carrying excess passengers

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has summoned the driver and conductor of a PSV vehicle registered under Molo Transporters Sacco after being caught on camera breaking traffic rules.

The video captures a heated argument between the conductor with a male passenger who refused to allow him (conductor) to carry excess passengers in the vehicle.

The video that has since gone viral on social media, with NTSA now saying that driver and conductor have been summoned by the authority.

“The authority has since summoned the chairman of the sacco who has undertaken to present the driver and conductor of the vehicle today 13th Dec 2018. We wish to assure the public that action will be taken against the crew. We call upon the public to be extra vigilant and report such incidences,” NTSA said in a statement.


In the video, as the argument escalates, the passenger stands his ground while other matatu operators at the stage advise the conductor of the matatu to eject the complaining passenger.

“Hakuna excuse ya kubeba excess tumelipishwa excess tayari halafu tufinywe,” says the male passenger.

To which one conductor says, “Kuliko mtu moja aharibu mpe pesa yake aende kwengine.”


The three-minute video concludes with the conductor giving in and the excess passengers disembarking from the vehicle.

He however continues hurling insults at the complaining passenger.

The video captured the attention of NTSA who have promised to take action on the offenders and also congratulated the brave passenger for standing against impunity.

“NTSA appreciates the bold passenger on board motor vehicle bearing registration number KCC 247J belonging to Molo Transporters Sacco, who stood against impunity of violation against Traffic rules,” NTSA said.