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NTSA suspends matatu sacco after murderous crew beat up motorist to death

By HILARY KIMUYU December 29th, 2017 1 min read

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has suspended Marimba Investment matatu sacco, following an incident on Sunday in which a man was beaten to death by matatu conductors in Nairobi.

During the Christmas eve incident, the victim, identified as Joseph Kiarie, was reportedly assaulted by matatu touts and fatally injured after his car collided with a matatu at Kamiti and Tuners junction.

Mr Kiarie succumbed to his injuries at Neema Hospital where he had been taken for treatment.

The incident sparked public outcry on social media for the arrest of the perpetrators of the crime.


City matatu crew beat motorist to death in road rage incident – PHOTOS

On Friday, NTSA asked the sacco to produce the driver and the tout of the said motor vehicle.

“Following the murder of Joseph Kiarie on 24th December, 2017 by the crew of motor vehicle registration number KFC 793 Z, the Authority notifies the public that the Operator’s Licence of Marimba Investment has been suspended with immediate effect,” NTSA said in a press statement dated December 29, 2017

NTSA further warned that any vehicle belonging to the sacco which will be found operating contrary to this suspension will be impounded and outlined conditions which the company must meet for the suspension to be lifted.

The conditions include satisfying the Authority that company fully cooperates with the police on the investigations, presenting Certificates of Good conduct for all its drivers and conductors and undertaking a road safety awareness workshop for all its drivers, conductors and officials.