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NTSA suspends several motorists for drunk driving

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has suspended 11 licenses for five Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) for contravening traffic rules.

The affected PSVs have been penalized for operating illegally at night while seven drivers have also been suspended for drunk driving for between one and two years.

In a statement, NTSA on Monday said that the operators were found to be in violation of provisions of section 7(c) and 11(1) of the NTSA regulations 2014 and were therefore suspended for a maximum period of 30 days.


“Statistics indicate that night travel poses a high risk and majority of the accidents occur during this period. Only operators who have met stringent requirements to travel at night will be allowed to operate,” NTSA Director General Francis Meja said in the statement.

Marimba Sacco (KCG 553P), Prestige Sacco (KCF 883F), Nawasuko Sacco (KCD 358Q), Latema Sacco (KBS 335D), Kibera Bureti Sacco (KCR 051D), Lucky Baba Dogo Sacco (KBZ 390B) have had their PSV licenses suspended for violation of road service licenses.


The transport operators which have had their PSV licenses suspended for lack of night travel licenses include Mbukinya Sacco (KBZ 691E), Ongata Rongai Sacco (KBV 520L), Kenya Poa Sacco (KCJ 128A), Unified Sacco (KBT 227D) and Nazigi Sacco (KBZ 205X).

The seven drivers who have been suspended for drunk driving are Joseph Karanja (Driving License number – 0708771(KYE238)), George K.Gichane (1155328(TPQ110)), Peter Nderitu Riuta (275850(JYL-178)), Peter Ndungu Kinyanjui (0041077(LF1-130)), Solomon Mwangi Macharia (TDB-ABQ 0992), Denis Kimani Njenga (0519904(PPB 033)) and Gabriel Njeru Kabuki (0927397(SPV 078)).