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NTSA to launch crackdown on all unregistered vehicles

The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) has raised an alarm over the increasing trend of motorists using unregistered vehicles.

The authority has subsequently advised the owners of such vehicles to register them on risk facing the law.

NTSA Director General Francis Meja the police will soon launch a crackdown targeting vehicles bearing plates inscribed as X-GK, X-KA and X-Diplomat but whose owners do not have the necessary documents.


“The authority has also noted an influx of vehicles bearing foreign number plates. We wish to clarify that vehicles bearing numbers like X-GK are not registered and are therefore operating illegally,” Meja said.

“We wish to advise owners of foreign registered vehicles currently operating in the country to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation allowing the vehicles into the country,” he added.


According to Section 6(1A) of Traffic Act Cap 403, it is illegal to operate a vehicle which is not duly registered in Kenya.

The law, however, makes provisions for owners of foreign registered vehicles to operate in the country provided they obtain the necessary clearance from the relevant authorities.