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NTSA: Why matatu crackdown is happening now

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) boss Francis Meja has explained why the crackdown of PSV vehicles not complying to the ‘Muchuki rules’ has begun earlier than scheduled.

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Interior released a joint notice October 26, giving matatu operators till November 12 to comply with the ‘Michuki rules’ or face the law.

Some of the rules include PSV operators to have their vehicles fitted with speed limiters/governors, safety belts and the yellow continuous line.

In addition, PSV drivers and conductors are to wear uniforms and PSV badges and prominently display their photos.

But it appears the traffic police have decided to implement the rules days before the expiry of the notice.


Speaking to Nairobi News on Monday, Mr Meja said the crackdown is meant to prepare PSV operators before expiry of the notice.

“The exercise is meant to prepare them to start fitting their vehicles with the necessary speed limiters, seat belts among other things. However the ‘Muchiki rules’ were never suspended hence it is still okay if we started the exercise earlier than it was stated,” says Mr Francis Meja.


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