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NTV exposé reveals how gang breaks into cars in parking lots – VIDEO

An investigative story by NTV journalist Dennis Okari has revealed how a gangs breaks into cars to steal valuables in the city centre.

In the exposé, CCTV from a pub captures how a gang of four men go about robbing cars in the city in broad daylight.

In the footage, the gang arrive at the pub’s parking area in a white saloon vehicle. A member of the gang then leaves the car as the driver and the others look for a parking space. Two men then exit the car, but leave the car doors open and the driver inside.

The driver parks the car next to a pick-up which is their target.


A few seconds pass before the driver  comes out of the vehicle, looks around and begins to peep through the tinted windows of the pick-up parked next to him.

He notices something of value inside the pick-up, returns to his car and picks a metal rod. He then struggles to open the door of the pick-up and manages to open it.

The three other gang members then return to the car after the driver has picked up a bag from the pick-up.

NTV has established that the four men are part of an organized gang that is out on bond on another criminal case in Mombasa.

The owner of the pick-up, who was sought out by NTV, said that he was robbed of Sh 12000, an iPad and crucial documents that was in the bag.


The vehicle used by the gang was apparently hired, a trick that is now being used by most gangs in Nairobi.

In January 26, 2017, the same gang trailed a businessman in Shimanzi area, Mombasa, before breaking into his vehicle and stealing Sh 100,000.

They were released on a surety bond of Sh200,000 in Mombasa and have since shifted to Nairobi.