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NTV Journalist Frederick Muitiriri – First assignment as GSU officer was hell

By Nyaboga Kiage September 1st, 2023 2 min read

In a candid revelation, television presenter Frederick Muitiriri shared his first-hand account of his early days as an officer serving in the General Service Unit (GSU).

On Thursday, August 31, 2023, Muitiriri opened up about an experience that was nothing short of intense and demanding.

Reflecting on his journey, Muitiriri disclosed that he underwent training and was deployed to an assignment he described as a “hell of a place.”

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Having passed out from training in September 2005, he recalled the arduous preparation over three months leading up to the event.

“This once-in-a-lifetime event is prepared for at least 3 months in advance and on a daily. Only 900 of us out of the close to 1300 recruits made it. I was among the top 15 best drills recruits out of the said number,” Mr Muitiriri said.

Recalling the accolades, Muitiriri mentioned that while he did not receive the coveted great red lanyard reserved for top academic performers, the commandant gave him a humorous reason.

He humorously recounted that the commandant quipped that he would not allow Muitiriri to greet the President with brown teeth, alluding to his dental hygiene.

Following the event, the recruits’ anticipation was palpable as they awaited their assignments. Muitiriri emphasized the challenge recruits face in determining their postings, noting that reactions ranged from excitement to apprehension.

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“Upon reaching our barrack, there were mixed reactions. Some were excited, and some were mourning. Senior Sergeant Kimutus, our discipline master, had kept telling us to pray that we don’t find ourselves in areas such as Tot, West Pokot, and the border between Kenya and South Sudan where a certain tribe called Tobosa lived – I don’t know if they were Kenyans on South Sudanese, I think we only had Sudan [as a country] then. Those were the bandits’ zones. Here, cops died every other day,” the television presenter said.

Muitiriri disclosed that some of his fellow coursemates were posted to those high-risk zones, and when he finally discovered his assignment, disbelief washed over him.

His destination was the border of Isiolo and Garissa.

“It was an operational area station at the border of Isiolo and Garissa at a small center called Modogashe,” he said.

He was then asked to undergo a one-month paramilitary training at the Magadi GSU Field Training Camp.

His account sheds light on the dedication and sacrifices made by those who serve in demanding roles to ensure the safety and security of the nation.

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