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NTV journalists rescue injured truck crew as witnesses scramble for rice

A video of eyewitnesses scrambling for rice from an overturned trailer as the truck’s driver and his turnboy fought for their lives in the accident scene has shocked Kenyans online.

NTV journalists Trevor Ombija, Doreen Majala, Dan Mule and Zeynab Ismael were on their way from Kakamega heading to Kisumu when they witnessed the 8am accident at Edhewe in Mbale.

The journalists rushed to the scene to rescue the injured truck vrew even as members of the public scrambled for the free rice.

The trailer from Mombasa was heading for Kakamega when the accident happened. It was carrying sacks of long grain rice packaged in 25 kilogramme sacks.

Majala filmed as the crowd scrambled for rice unbothered by the condition of the truck crew at the accident scene.

She noted that her colleagues including Trevor Ombija pulled out the injured driver and turnboy and helped them reach a nearby hospital.