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NTV news anchor’s car clamped as he paid for parking – VIDEO

Vehicles belonging to NTV’s news anchor Ken Mijungu and Swahili editor Francis Mutegi were on Tuesday morning clamped by city askaris outside Nation Centre.

Mr Mijungu’s car was clamped in his presence as he tried to make the parking payment online.

Mr Mutegi’s case was different. His car bears a sticker indicating that its driven by a person with disability who are normally allowed to park anywhere in the city centre.

The two vehicles were among dozens others that were clamped in a morning operation conducted by “rude askaris.”

Swahili editor Francis Mutegi's car. PHOTO | COURTESY
Swahili editor Francis Mutegi’s car. PHOTO | COURTESY


Mr Miijungu caught on camera the two askaris involved in the incident. One of them even asked why he was recording him.

In their conversation, Mr Mijungu tells the askari he’s actually taking a video because he was clamping his car while he was standing right there trying to make the payment.

“The other askari even told the one clamping to go on even as I tried to explain to them that I had just arrived,” said Mr Mijungu.

Mr Mutegi did not witness the clamping of his car, he had parked and gone to the office.

“My car is not even tinted, you can see it has modifications and it has two stickers for persons with disabilities, one displayed on the dashboard and another on the windscreen,” said Mr Mutegi.

Head of parking at City Hall Fredrick Ndunyu said the case involving the car that had a persons with disability sticker was unfortunate and should not have happened.

He added that the car that was clamped as the motorist tried to make payment should also not have happened.

“The operation was part of our normal operations that take place when we find an area has very many non-compliant vehicles and call for reinforcement,” Mr Ndunyu said.

He stated that the officers are trained to be courteous to  motorists.