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NTV partners with Njata TV, Star TV, and Lolwe TV

NTV Kenya has partnered with three regional stations to have content shared across the platforms.

The three partner stations are Njata TV, Star TV, and Lolwe TV.

The Nation Media Group chief executive officer Joe Muganda said the three stations will have access to NTV programming including live events and will choose what to broadcast.

“We are partnering with the three stations on our broadcasting front that is Lolwe, Njata and Star televisions who are basically regional stations based in different parts of the country to improve what it is that we offer across the country,” said Mr Muganda.


The partnership will benefit the consumers of the four television stations by offering a wider variety of programming.

“They will have access to our programming, things like NTV news, they will have access to the live broadcasting that we do and they will then choose what they want to do and how they want to present it and we will also have access to some of their programming which we could broadcast nationally,” said Mr Muganda.

The move is aimed at improving content across the four platforms even as NTV expands its programming from the national lineup that the station has always done.

“I think that is a first, that we have embarked on and I think it will be mutually beneficial to all parties as we build our audiences and improve the reach through which it is and obviously improve the quality of entertainment that the different consumers in the different parts of the country would enjoy,” said Mr Muganda.

Njata TV’s Director Edwin Gitau said the move will allow the television station to access more content and improve its response to live events.

Lolwe TV’s General Manager Mitchelle Kwimba said the partnership will be beneficial to the station and ensure a win, win for all.

Star TV’s Mahamud Abdullahi said the move will ensure the station offers a variety of programming to the consumer.