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NTV whets viewers’ appetite with rich menu of new shows

NTV, one of the country’s top television stations has a new programme lineup that includes six local shows with creative Kenyan tales.

They include Ndoa, Visanga, Pray & Prey, Auntie Boss!, Pendo, and Discovery 254, airing everyday day between 7.30 and 9pm.

All the shows are scripted in recognition of changing viewer tastes and preferences in a television market that is driven by the need for quality content.

Ndoa, for instance, is a reality show that begins before the actual wedding ceremony, and goes beyond the glamour of nuptials to the reality of life after honeymoon. It explores the drama that is often hidden from the public.

Auntie Boss! is a blend of the lives of domestic workers and their employers. It discusses the themes of love, family and relationships in a Kenyan setting.

Head of TV Production Justus Tharao says: “Our programmes are greatly influenced by the audience who tell us they want to see their stories and experiences as Kenyans in our shows. As a network, we give what they need.”

By so doing, NTV taps into the huge potential of the local industry as it helps to develop and nurture it.


Faith Koli, the producer of both Pendo and Pray & Prey, said this goes a long way to develop the local industry on all fronts from scripting, casting to production, as they tell compelling Kenyan experiences.

Pendo, for instance, is about a woman who returns from prison. It looks at the challenges she deals with such as stigma as well as the state of her family while she was locked up. The script, the cast and the story lines are all Kenyan at the core.”

Ms Koli spoke on Saturday in Kahawa Sukari where episodes of Pendo were being shot. On location were actors who shared their experiences on the small screens.

Eddy Peter Gebhard plays Sudi, a senator in Pendo.

“As actors, we are embracing Kenyan content. Our viewers should know that good things are yet to come. Our stories will stand the test of time; we need to support our ideas and stories.”

In addition to local content, the producers of the local shows acknowledge the place of the new digital platform in their work.

Wairuri Njeru produces Discovery 254, a show aimed at promoting education and keeping children in school. It airs on Saturday at 8pm.

Ms Njeru said: “This means that Kenyans will have access to a lot more channels than they have at the moment, giving them an array of choices. Our challenge as producers is to maximise on this route to bring more Kenyan tales.”


“Digital broadcasting offer sharper, brighter pictures with improved sound quality,” she added.

Discovery 254 is an entertainment talk show that features inspirational and success stories of ordinary Kenyans.

It also has a segment where top personalities discuss their successes and challenges, as well as live  performances from some of Kenya’s celebrated artists. It is affiliated to the International Discovery Channel.

Mr Tharao said: “we are proud of getting the international endorsement, further encouraging us to push for more local content with a world class perspective.”

This comes as the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) in 2014 called on media houses to run about 60 per cent of local content by 2018.

For Joseph Kang’ethe, an avid fan of Pray & Prey, the program handles major issues in society in a funny and captivating way.

“When I look at the three pastors, I can immediately associate them with people I know in society. They represent the greed, deceit and the understanding of the Bible or lack of it, that is very evident in Kenya. It is a great show that I look forward to every Tuesday at 7.30pm,” Mr Kang’ethe said.