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Nubians get titles for Kibra

The incessant quest for land by the Nubian community in Kibra has started yielding fruits.

The government has now allocated it an initial 288 acres of land in the area.

Cabinet Secretary for Land Charity Ngilu on Monday revealed that Nubians would get a communal title deed for the land which covers from Makina, central part of Kibra to the Nairobi Dam as soon as formalisation of the transfer is done.

She said that President Uhuru Kenyatta would at a later date personally hand over the deed to formalise the transfer.

But, the community leaders vowed to press for more of what they termed as their ancestral land. They intend to reclaim all the 4197.9 acres of the land which has been contested over the years.

“The processing of the title deeds is going on very fast and any time from now they could be issued,” said Chairman of the Nubian Council of Elders Mr Issa Abdul Faraj during an interview.

He said the community would continue to continue holding talks with the government to reclaim the remaining land.

“We are neither complaining nor refusing to take that piece of land. On the same note, the government has not refused to compensate the remaining piece of land. We have not let go,” he said.

Cognisant of the fact that the new development could trigger emotions in the largely multi-ethnic area, Mr Faraj was quick to reassure residents that no one would be evicted.

“Other communities will continue to live with Nubians as they have been ,” said the chairman.