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Nudists’ restaurant closes up due to lack of customers

The first nude restaurant in Paris, France has been forced to close after it failed to attract customers, 15 months since it opened.

The O’Naturel Restaurant opened in November 2017 but will shut its doors on February 16, two days after Valentine’s Day.

In a statement posted on the restaurant’s Facebook Page, the owners, twins Mike and Stephane Saada, thanked all the customers they were able to serve during the 15 months stating that they would only remember the good times.

“Thank you for participating in this adventure by coming to dinner at O’Naturel. We will only remember good times, meetings with beautiful people and customers delighted to share exceptional moments. We are counting on you to support us and help us during this month of January and early February 2019. So don’t hesitate to book now to enjoy a last naked dinner in Paris. Now is the time,” read the statement.

A woman walks past the entrance to the O’Naturel Restaurant, a nude restaurant in Paris. PHOTO | COURTESY
A woman walks past the entrance to the O’Naturel Restaurant, a nude restaurant in Paris. PHOTO | COURTESY


The restaurant was the first of its kind, a naturist dinning hotspot although its waiters and waitress remained clothed.

The 42-year-old twins decided to open a nude restaurant despite not being nudists themselves. They said they chose to open nude restaurant after spotting a business opportunity in a country which is one of the world’s top nudist destinations.

However, the venture flopped after the eatery failed to attract enough customers.


At the time of opening O’Naturel, Mike and Stephane argued that nudist beaches and other tourist resorts around France only offered people the opportunity to be nudist in the summer and that their restaurant would keep the lifestyle available year around.

Customers visiting would leave their clothes and phones in a cloakroom and were provided a pair of slippers to wear into the dining room.

Women would leave their heels only if they wished.

A large white curtain hanged over the windows to shield naked customers from gawpers outside.12