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Nurse Judy – Why I exposed Baha’s financial drama

Kenyan social media influencer Judy Maina, popularly known as Nurse Judy, has come forward with her side of the story regarding her interactions with actor Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha.

Nurse Judy claims that Baha reached out to her seeking financial assistance, citing difficulties that his family was facing, including the imminent threat of eviction.

However, she alleges that she later discovered the truth—that Baha’s financial troubles were the result of his gambling addiction.

Speaking out about the incident on her social platform, Nurse Judy expressed her disappointment and frustration, stating, “Some people are missing the point! I was very understanding and empathetic about his situation when he came to me with the rough times and eviction story. Being someone who has experienced hardships before, I was ready to help and did so where I could, and I was never even going to mention it ever.”

She further explained, “Where I draw the line is when I discovered it was all a lie, and my hard-earned money was not going to help fix a tough situation but rather going towards betting.”

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Adding, “Knowing the efforts and work I put into making the kind of money I make, it was disheartening. I said what I said, and I’m not taking it back! I needed to call him out, and it’s probably going to be a blessing because he will likely get help and fix himself!”

Nurse Judy also shared her own experience of financial difficulties, emphasizing that borrowing money is not the issue.

She recalled a time when she faced expensive processes before starting her nursing career, leading to negative bank balances.

However, she never resorted to lies or scams to obtain financial support. She acknowledged the help she received from a good friend, Kimtai, who lent her money on multiple occasions, and she always repaid the borrowed amount.

Nurse Judy asserted that everyone faces their own struggles, and it is unreasonable to expect content creators to be exempt from financial hardships.

She hopes that her exposure of Baha’s gambling addiction will serve as a wake-up call and encourage him to seek the necessary assistance to overcome his troubles.

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