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Nurturing super mums is my pride

After graduating from USIU with a degree in commerce and a MBA from Liverpool University, Christine Khasinah-Odero sought employment like most fresh graduates.

She got a job as a marketer and worked for several tour companies before quitting to start her own in 2007. It turned out to be an unwise move.

She said besides the post-election violence which erupted immediately after the General Election, her company may have failed because of lack of passion.

“I had no plan for it and I made no effort to ensure it worked,” she said at her office at Dasora Plaza in Karen.


During that period, she had just given birth to her first born and like most mothers, she sought information on motherhood and baby events.

She found out that there were no companies or websites that dedicated themselves entirely to mothers or babies.

“Motherhood felt boring. I had no one to share the experience with, besides, there were no events for babies or mothers,” she said.

Her innovative side saw a gap in the market and that opened doors for Supamamas Ventures in 2011. The firm caters for mothers and babies. She organises events and addresses a theme a time.

“We organise events to empower mothers. We teach them financial management, guide them on starting a business. We also host events where we pamper mothers and babies,” she added.

Share ideas

Supamamas also encourages growth of women in various professions. Here, mothers meet to share experiences and get advice on how to tackle problems they face from time to time.

In ensuring that women have hands-on information about motherhood, schools and party planners, she set up a Supamamas website too.

“The website offers mothers and brands a chance to meet and interact. We aim to create experiences and so it is easy to use and is accessible even by mobile phone,” added the 33-year-old.


Through brands sponsorship the company is able to host free events for mothers and babies, however, forums exclusively for mothers, like financial freedom are attended at a fee. 

They also have a Supasisters mentorship programme whereby Supamamas reaches out to female students in colleges and encourages them to embrace entrepreneurship instead of waiting to be hired after studies. 

The training and mentorship is done by successful young women entrepreneurs. Building a successful brand is no walk in the park. 

It took her persistence, self-sacrifice and a lot of believing in herself and her brand to break even. Building a network and good relations with people that come your way is vital, but as it turned out, her workers were her great sponsors and business partners.