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Nviiri The Storyteller announces departure from Sol Generation record label

Talented musician Nviiri Sande, also known as Nviiri The Storyteller, has announced his departure from the Sol Generation record label after five years.

In a statement titled ‘Embarking on a New Musical Journey,’ the ‘Pombe Sigara’ hitmaker expressed gratitude for the invaluable support, mentorship, and platform provided by the label and its visionary force, Sauti Sol.

He described his time with Sol Generation Records as transformative and filled with growth.

“Through their unwavering belief in Nviiri’s talent and artistic vision, we’ve witnessed the evolution of a true musical gem. From chart-topping hits to soul-stirring performances!”

In his new journey, Nviiri vows to carry forward the lessons learned, the cherished memories, and the bonds he’s built.

“Amidst this bittersweet moment, we are thrilled to unveil the dawn of a new era for Nviiri The Storyteller, marked by boundless creativity, audacious innovation, and global resonance.”

Nviiri expressed heartfelt thanks to Sauti Sol while introducing his new management team, confident that their wealth of experience, passion, and expertise will be invaluable.

“For the role you’ve played in shaping Nviiri’s journey thus far. Your belief in his talent and unwavering support have been the wind beneath his wings, propelling him to greater heights than ever imagined.”

Nviiri was signed by Sauti Sol’s owned record label in 2019.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Bien revealed that Bensoul and Nviiri will depart from Sauti Sol in 2024 and 2025, respectively, referring to them as Sauti Sol’s proteges.

“They still have time with our record label. They are our babies and we are working on their individual albums before the end of the year,” Bien said in 2023.

Bien also disclosed plans to introduce new artists to the record label, following over three years of collaboration with Bensoul and Nviiri.

“It’s usually a journey to identify and decide who to sign. We have been working on our next signees for about two years. We go to their shows and a lot of other things. We don’t just pick anyone to sign,” Bien said.