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Nyamu accuses Samidoh of beating her, vows to ‘teach him a lesson’

Politician Karen Nyamu has sensationally accused her baby daddy Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh of physically assaulting her.

She made the claim on Monday, August 9, 2021, during a live Instagram session.

In between these claims, Nyamu, also a lawyer, claimed the troubled couple was expecting their second child.

She appeared to have a swollen face and shaggy hair when making her claims and at some point also showed a damaged phone which she claimed Samidoh had ‘crashed in the bathroom’.

“I have been beaten. Women are stupid. We have to teach these guys a lesson. I have never experienced such (physical abuse), I only read about it. I am in shock. My daughter is in shock. She is crying,” claimed Nyamu.

Nyamu says trouble started when he accused her of cheating on him.

“Someone told him that I was seen in Mombasa with a man as if my colleagues are all female,” she added.

Nyamu further said she would report Samidoh, a police officer, to the Police so as ‘to teach him a lesson’.

“I have to make a report, and we must make this a lesson for all men who think they can beat women and get away with it,” she added.

News of Nyamu reportedly expecting Samidoh second child comes as a surprise.

She made public the fact that he was the father of the other child earlier this year, causing commotion and speculation on social media. It forced the musician to publicly come out and apologise for what he termed as a ‘mistake’.