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Nyamu hints at becoming Samidoh’s second wife

Karen Nyamu suggests she has no problem being a second wife to Mugithi Singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh.

While responding to one of her fans on social media, the outspoken Nyamu also appeared to hit out at her baby daddy for lacking the balls to admit to having two wives in public.

“We must learn to share. The only problem is when the shared man has no balls to say the truth,” she responded.

Nyamu, a lawyer and politician, made the comments in response to one social media user who referred to her as a ‘husband snatcher.’

And in a separate post, she said: “If both spouses will listen to each other and treat each other with kindness and respect, then nearly every disagreement will get resolved long before it becomes a fight.”

The sentiments come a few days after Nyamu shared a now-deleted video of herself and her baby daddy reportedly discussing content that was interpreted to include sex.

Samidoh and Nyamu have been exchanging not-so-pleasant words on social media since she dramatically announced that he was the father of her second born.

The revelation forced the popular Samidoh to publicly apologise to his family and fans.

Samidoh, a father of three, termed the relationship which led to the birth of their son ‘a mistake’ he regrets, but he undertook to support his child both emotionally and financially.

The Mugithi singer has since released a new song in in which he asks God to protect him from all his enemies and to never allow him to be a slave of his mistakes.

In the first stanza of the song ‘Ihinda Ringi’ [Another chance], he thanked God for blessing him with talent but regrets that it becomes his downfall.

“Please let my relationship with you be permanent and even when I make stupid decisions, kindly forgive me. Give me another chance. I prayed that you expand my territories, and you gave me a favour, now they know me all over.”