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Nyamu: I helped Samidoh’s wife win tenders

The war of words pitting politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu and baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki has intensified.

Come Wednesday, Nyamu sensationally claimed she helped Samidoh’s wife secure a tender worth Kshs 9 million.

Nyamu who recently announced Samidoh was the father of her second-born child,  spoke to comedian Jalang’o during an interview on his YouTube channel Bonga Na Jalas.

She also dismissed claims she is a homewrecker.

“Contrary to what people think that I want to push her out, I have been involved in helping the family. Last year I gave Samidoh an idea that she ( Samidoh’s wife) should register a company because we were getting tenders. Right now she is serving a tender for stationeries worth Sh9 million which I and Samidoh’s brother Kariz Magic sat down and did the documents,” claimed Nyamu.

“She (Samidoh’s wife) went to source for the price in River Road, came with the prices, and we filled the documents making sure it was good and competitive and she got that tender. Is that a woman I am fighting?” Nyamu posed.

She added, “I was angry yesterday, but he knows I have always supported his wife because you can meet a woman who really wants to get married who is going to work and push your wife out, but I’m not that kind of person. Juu hata ukiacha bibi yako mimi sikuji kukaa kwako. You will have to find another wife. I’m not a homewrecker, these things happen to each and every one of you, its only that I am in the limelight”.

Nyamu, who unsuccessfully contested for the Nairobi Women Representative aspirant also revealed she did not know Samidoh was married when they first met.

Nyamu who is also a director at Nairobi Water and Sewerage company apologized to Samidoh’s Wife Edith ‘Edday’ Nderitu for getting involved with her husband.

Not yet done, Nyamu has appeared to accuse the popular singer of playing her with his wife.

“I’m really sorry for the anguish that I may have caused you, all along I thought you knew because your husband told me you knew. No excuses, I am really sorry for everything”.

After months of denying their relationship in public, hell broke loose when Nyamu Saturday posted a video of the singer having a father and son moment in her house.

Nyamu says she posted the video because Samidoh had failed to claim his son publicly leading to trolls on social media anytime the singer posted videos of his other children.

“We have been having a conversation, me and him. I told him that he had to claim his child because there were trolls all over calling me a homewrecker. I told him, not to claim me because me and him might not be permanent but him and his baby were permanent.

According to Nyamu, every time the singer shares a post of his other children, netizens would troll her son and that bothered her.

Nyamu is not sorry for sharing the video because she eventually achieved what she wanted.

On Tuesday, Samidoh came out and accepted he was the father of the child but said what happened between him and this baby mama was a mistake.

“I am sorry!!! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Karen Nyamu and it’s this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children,” he said.

“I have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman. I apologized to her and my family before. I now apologize to you my fans for setting a bad example. I take full responsibility for my mistakes which I regret. We have had our own shares of ups and downs but we are stronger and happy together,” he concluded.