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Nyandarua Police arrest a man suspected of selling dog meat

Police in Nyandarua have arrested a man suspected to be selling dog meat.

The arrest comes after locals raised an alarm with authorities over what they termed as Ndirangu Wahome’s suspicious hawking activities.

A police report filed at Wanjohi police station indicates officers laid a trap leading to the arrest of Mr Wahome.

“It was reported by Ms Wambui, the Chief Wanjohi location that there was a man hawking suspected fried dog meat in a hot pot within Wanjohi town. He was arrested by police officers.”

Police demanded Wahome directs them to his home and were dumbfounded by what they allegedly found including a slit separate dog head, a sufuria supposedly used to cook the meat, a blood-stained knife, and a blood-stained panga.

Other exhibits found in the house supposedly include a wire which police believe he uses in trapping the dogs, and 10 grams of bhang which is illicit in Kenya.

The bhang was found inside his house alongside a dog which police believe was also scheduled to be slaughtered on a later date.