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Nyandarua Senator John Methu: Marrying a ‘Mukurino’ was very hectic!

Nyandarua Senator John Methu, known for his charismatic and humorous oratory, recently introduced his wife to the public during a public event.

In a light-hearted and witty manner, he shared his amusing challenges in winning the heart of his ‘Mukurino’ wife.

Senator Methu, in front of the audience, shared the delightful story of his courtship with his wife.

“I have undertaken many tasks in my life, but convincing this woman to be my wife, with her turban, when I don’t wear one, was no easy feat,” Senator Methu quipped.

“Many Akorinus believe that men who don’t wear the turban are not suitable husbands. So, persuading her was quite a challenge.”

He humorously pointed out that in their faith, time for conventional dating is limited because Akorinos believe that spouses are chosen through divine dreams.

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Senator Methu playfully remarked: “You don’t have the luxury of time to date her since, in their church, they receive visions to choose their life partners. She might have dreamt of someone else.”

Methu’s solution to this unique situation was to propose marriage.

He jovially explained, “I’ve worked with many of them, and I decided that by marrying one of them, I could see her in the morning, afternoon, and evening.”

In another entertaining speech, Senator Methu shared the humorous twists in his marital journey, particularly concerning his failed weddings.

He candidly revealed that both faced challenges due to pregnancy.

At the same event, Senator John Methu also lamented that the Africa Inland Church had denied him Holy Communion due to his unconventional wedding situation.

“I was a church elder, but they removed me because I didn’t have a church wedding before getting married. I rushed into things because I was marrying a Mukurino, and I feared she might be snatched away from me. I had plans for a wedding in 2020, but we had a baby, and the wedding plans fell through. We tried again in 2022, and we got another baby. We will properly plan those things, and I am confident we will succeed.”

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