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Nyashinki works with American DJ Diplo in new hit ‘Stay Open’

Musician Nyashinski has featured in a new hit by American deejay Diplo and Danish singer Mo.

Nyashinski published the lyric video of the new hit ‘Stay Open’ on Monday, exciting his Kenyan fans who lauded his growth in the music ndustry.

The ‘Hello‘ singer adopted the electro-pop vibe from Diplo and Mo in the hit produced by Musyoka.

Nyashinski opens the song with Swahili and English love lyrics, then Mo sings the song’s bridge before Nyashinski comes back with a “hapo sawa, hapo sawa mna bidii” chorus.

“Nyashinski and Musyoka brought in their own interesting ideas and perspectives of staying open that made the track amazing and the collabo enjoyable,” said Diplo.

Nyashinki explained; “I took the Stay Open theme and flipped it by rhyming about a beautiful woman who I am asking to stay open to my suggestions. Working with DJ Diplo and MØ was also great. It is an opportunity I appreciate getting.”

Musyoka too was excited to have worked on the hit.

““This track is all about being open to ideas, cultures and perspectives from all over the world. It shows what Kenya has to offer culturally and musically.”

The new hit has excited Nyashinski’s fans whose comments majored on the new style of pop music he has ventured into.

D Sharp wrote, “Kenyan music on another level, kudos to Nyashinski.”

Moosterpher added, “Shinski taking the industry abroad.”

Leo commented, “Aaaaayee!!! Nyash working with Diplo and MØ ????.”