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Nyashinki’s wife narrates her struggle to lose 12kg baby weight

Fashion and fitness enthusiast Zia Jepkemei Bett, who is rapper Nyashinski’s wife, says she has lost 12kg after struggling with weight loss since they welcomed their first child in March last year.

Zia said she gained a lot of weight after the birth of their baby and for a couple of months she struggled to have her body snap back to its former self without success.

She said she tried a number of routine exercises and diets which did not bear the desired results so she decided to try out a combination of Keto diet and a workout regime.

Zia said she managed to lose 12kg after incorporating the diet into her workout program.

“I have been on a Keto journey for six, seven months now and what inspired me was my new body. When you have given birth, you have no idea like where to start, how to work out and what diets to go by. Keto was something I had tried before and I was like let me just try and to it well and be consistent. It’s been a great journey I have lost 12kg now,” an ecstatic Zia revealed.

However, she said she had to sacrifice a bit more to shed the baby weight and have her body back in shape.

“I have lost 12kg in just a few months of Keto, I incorporated some intermittent fasting and I work out three to four times a week,” she added.

She advocated for her routine for women and men who are struggling with weight issue and has already started a fitness website offering guidance on the routine that worked for her.

Zia wedded Nyashinski in November 2019 after years of dating and also runs Zia Africa, a fashion online shop that deals with female outfits.