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Watch Nyashinski ‘ambushing’ Chinese fans for photo moment – VIDEO

Rapper Nyashinski has shared a video of how he was ambushed by Chinese fans living next door for a photo moment.

Nyashinski’s Chinese neighbours in an apartment he was living in were thrilled to see him and requested for a photo moment.

The rapper agreed to take photo with the Chinese but asked to come to their apartment for the moment instead of them coming to his.

In the video, Nyashinski shows a tab that was playing his Kebs hit as he asks his fans to introduce themselves.


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The three give their English names as one mesmerized fan keeps filming the moment.

Nyashinski recently shared the intrigues of producing great music detailing how his Hayawani hit was re-arranged eight times before the final production.

“A good piece should stand the test of time & that is what we aim for. To us, it’s more than just instruments and voices blending together, it’s about the feeling. ?? ,” he wrote.

Nyashinski has managed to wow Kenyan audiences with his hits that receive airplay both local and internationally.