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Nyashinski back with a beef song after hiatus

Kenyan musician Nyashinski is back with a brand new hit ‘Now You Know’ after a hiatus from the industry.

In the song, the rapper talks about his time away from the media and appreciates his fans for always asking about him.

“Wanauliza yule boy wetu ameenda wapi, amepotea kama zile mbegu watu walipanda kwa kanyari. Hata nikiacha muziki kwa miaka 50 nikirudi nitawa crush nyinyi” .

He also hits out at some media personalities who he accuses of claiming that he had become a drug addict and was living in deplorable conditions.

The singer says he had other things he was doing apart from music.

The song’s video was posted on YouTube on Monday.

Nyashinski, real name, rose to fame as the leader of the music trio Kleptomaniax  that inlcuded members Roba (Robert Manyasa) and Collo (Collins Majale).

The group was formed in 1999 when the three were still high school students at the Nairobi School.

The group joined the Ogopa DJ’s label and released their first single, “Freak It” in 2002 and was followed by “Maniax Anthem” and “Haree”.

In 2004, the group released “Tuendelee“, which remains their biggest hit so far.

Watche the video of the new song ‘Now You Know‘ here.