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Nyashinski recounts harsh life in US during dull session with DJ Stylez

The weekly Electric Avenue show by G Money and DJ Stylez of Codered continued on Thursday night, live on their respective Instagram pages to a massive following from their adoring fans.

G Money kicked off the first set from 9:30pm with a pure dancehall throwback set with music from the greats such as Beenieman, Elephant Man, Baby Cham, Mavado and Bounty Killer among  others.

But it was the song Which League by Vybz Kartel, which kicked off a debate as G Money said that “no one is my league”. The listeners clapped back asking which league was he from: UCL, La Liga, English Premier league or Kenya Premier League.

The riddims kept flowing as fans reminisced on the days they used to dance all night to these dancehall songs and one place that kept coming up was the famous Rezorus.

@Clintonbrown10 said: “ghai leo sweat inatiririka kama waterfall.” said: “Tuko idhaa kama virusi ya corona.”

The second set kicked off with purely one drop sessions of riddims the likes of Corner Shop riddim, Good Morning riddim, Brave Heart riddim, just smooth and soothing reggae to the 430 fans who joined in.

At 11:00pm, DJ Stylez took over with special guest Nyashinski who spoke about his rise in the music career from the group Kleptomaniacs to his solo career.

He spoke of the time they had to rap a song in a phone booth before hitting the Ogopa DJs studios.

But unlike last Thursday when music producer Musyoka remained enthusiastic and lively for nearly three hours, last night, Nyashinski appeared tired and sounded incoherent.

At times, he would either lose his thought or speak when he wasn’t required to speak.

Nonetheless, DJ Stylez maintained his cool and took fans through Nyashinki’s rich musical journey, playing his hits like Swing Swing, Furahia and Haree, among others.

It emerged that the video for their hit song “Tuendelee”, which was released 2005, was shot in Nameless’s house.

Nyashinski said he is surprised how the line “tuendelee ama tusiendlee” has become such a common phrase.

@youcancallmeolango said, “Nyash ni OG.”

@Mungai_gitau added: “2006 and the bars were still on point.”

DJ Stylez also sampled songs from Nyashinski’s new album Lucky You.

“It’s a nice album, I took a long time doing it as I wanted to be precise with every song without having the listener skipping from song to song. It’s for my fans who enjoy my music, as I was compiling the music two artist were on my mind the whole time that is E-Sir and Chronixxx,” said Nyashinski on his new album titled Lucky You.

DJ Stylez had seemingly done his homework in bringing out tracks done by Nyashinski before he left for the United States.

Even Nyash himself was shocked and admitted that he couldn’t recall some of the lyrics of some of the tracks.

Throughout the set, something that perturbed fans was how laid back while he kept playing Fifa game the entire time.

When asked about his more 10 years in the States, he said his lowest point was when he quit his job as a trucker because his dispatcher was rude to him and shouted at him.

He said black truckers were always give short runs meaning they were earning less money than the white drivers.

This edition of Electric avenue attracted nearly 1000 live members and went on for just over an hour.

In contrast, the Musyoka set lasted nearly three hours.