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Nyashinski spits fire on detractors in new hit KEBS – VIDEO

Rapper Nyashinski has released a new song titled KEBS in which he terms himself as the top standard of quality in the local music industry.

In the lyric video, Nyanshinski goes ham on unnamed artistes and bloggers who have been circulating what he terms as fake news about him.

Among the ‘fake news’ are claims that he has a US based baby mama, that he demanded Sh1 million to appear on a TV interview and that he broke up with his Kenyan girlfriend.

Nyash, in the hit, describes himself as the gold standard of Kenyans music and compared himself to the legendary status of the late rapper E-Sir.

The song has all the fingerprints of a diss track as he taunts local musicians for being incapable of singing.

His big ego is not a problem, he’s just being true to himself, he says in the song.

The hits has elicited mixed reactions among fans. Some lauded the new hit, while others reminded him that KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) was responsible for counterfeits that infiltrated the Kenyan market.

Here is the new hit and the comments it elicited on YouTube;

DJ Zone commented; “Because if big artist dont try new territories, new levels, new styles..we will all be mediocre. Blessup Nyash.”

Selina added; “King ni wawili tuu mimi na ule wa south C…Real recognizes real? amebig up E-sir ?RESPECT ??.”

Lucy commented; “Imeweza mbaayaa…sasa sijui utoe ngoma ingine ya KEBS zinapitisha mercury kwa shuge ??”

Shofaxx added; “Diss tracks ndo tuko nazo mob? nyash unge leta kitu kama malaika bana ??.”

Roy wrote; “Nimekwama hapo kwa screw driver.”

Norah commented; “Nyash hajui siku hizi KEBS sio standard ya quality.”

Clarence stated; “Is this a diss… I’m I smelling beef? I tend to think Nyash is too talented for diss tracks.”