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Baby daddy drama: Nyce Wanjeri’s baby daddy denies violence claims

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri recently opened up on her crumbled marriage with her baby daddy Tito Wagithomo.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the expectant mum said he slapped her for the first time when they were newly married.

She met her ex-lover at the age of 19 years and started dating one year later.

“He started asking me to get pregnant for him, but I refused. At 21 I succumbed to the pressure and got pregnant. I was two months pregnant when he first slapped me.”

Nyce said he slapped her over a remote control.

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He did not stop her when she threatened to quit the relationship and terminate the pregnancy.

“I went and boarded a matatu. I called my mum and told her what had happened, she asked me to go home. I never went home, I chose to go back.”

Nyce alleged that was not the only time he was violent.

“When my baby was like nine months old, he threw me against a wall because I had asked him about a certain lady he was dating, and his sister defended her.

Nyce said she had a black eye for over six months.

“I would lie that I had fallen down the stairs. My mum came to pick me up and take me upcountry, but I refused. I still wanted to work on my marriage.”

Nyce alleged that her ex beat her up on many occasions over insecurities.

Eventually, Nyce left the marriage and is currently dating singer Leting’.

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Her ex-lover Tito Wagithomo has responded, saying many media houses had called him for interviews.

However, he is not willing to speak anything about anyone who is no longer in his life.

He further said that their child is also not old enough to make her choices.

“Interview invites have been coming my way. They are quite tempting, but with a topic that involves someone no longer in my life, a child not old enough to make her own choices, and especially a person that is no longer living, family, friends, former colleagues, people’s businesses that are not in the business of clout chasing especially using malicious tactics,” he said.

He said he finds it more prudent to reserve his comments and response.

“I’m thankful to the fans, friends and colleagues who know me and my character and have chosen to stand with me during this time even without me asking. I’m grateful. Twendelee kujibamba na kujenga economy.”

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