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Nyeri pastor claims Ruto’s affordable housing scheme is only for the rich

A Nyeri pastor has sharply criticised the proposed Housing Fund, saying the government is not being honest about the housing levy.

Speaking during during a funeral, the preacher, only identified Muchiri, also claimed the affordable homes scheme is meant for the rich and not the poor.

“Why should you chew more than you can swallow? If it is constructing houses, don’t construct many. Build according to your ability. Even us at home, when you plan to build a house, you know what you want based on your income; and you budget for it and create a time plan for the construction,” the preacher said.

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“This world is not ending. That project (affordable homes scheme) is not for the poor. It is for the rich. How sure am I that after 25 years, that house will be mine? Even if you do your calculations – I was not good in math – now, three per cent and the house costs Sh3million. How many years will I need for this house to be fully mine? And you are telling me, Mr Muchiri, that if I become unable to pay, my children will pay for me. Which children do I have? So let us have a very honest conversation; and you cannot force things. If people tell you this matter is not good, it is not good,” the pastor went on.

The clergyman also castigated President William Ruto for believing he is the only person who can determine that something is good for the country. He advised the president to listen to what Kenyans have to say on this matter.

“These are things for the rich. Building a house is a very good thing. I appreciate that but let the government build houses based on the money it has without compelling Kenyans. Because you are now telling me that all the employees I have after all this law, I will also be paying three per cent for all my workers. Do I have that budget?” Pastor Muchiri posed, while pointing out that Kenyan will soon be unable to afford unga.

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The Housing Fund will see Kenyan employees have three per cent of their salaries deducted with their employers matching this with another three per cent towards the affordable housing scheme. While the deductions will be mandatory, but President Ruto has maintained that it is not tax.

The housing fund has been the subjected a heated debate among Kenyans who are currently struggling to survive the high cost of living. A cross section of the public has argued that the fund should be voluntary because some people already own homes and others either have no need to own homes or would not prefer to live in the specific areas the government will have them constructed.

According to the Kenya Kwanza government, houses will be allocated to people but in the event they do not get houses, a refund will be issued to them after seven years with any interest accrued. This has further cast doubt on the government’s capability of providing houses for everyone they insist should contribute to the fund.

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