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Nyeri’s magistrate to be detained longer over husband’s brutal murder

Police will continue to detain Nyeri Senior Magistrate Pauline Omungala for nine days to allow more further investigations into her role in the murder of her lawyer husband Robert Chesang.

The Nyeri Magistrate was arraigned at the Mavoko law courts on Monday with three other suspects

A retired senior officer was on Saturday arrested in Baragoi, Samburu County and driven to Nairobi Sunday.

Detectives believe the former senior policeman was the link between the magistrate and the killers.

Mr Chesang died on February 17, 2019 after thugs pumped seven bullets into his body during an attack at his home in Moke Estate, Lukenya. A postmortem examination indicated that he died due to bleeding.

He lived in a hotel for months after being kicked out of his matrimonial home by his ‘violent wife’.

Chesang’ only moved to the house when his was transferred to Nyeri in December 2018.

In court papers he filed for protection against domestic violence, Chesang’ alleged that he had been forced to move out of his house because his wife was violent and was using police officers to harass and intimidate him.

The case was later transferred to Machakos chief magistrate court after Chesang’ complained of lack of confidence in Athi River police and Mavoko Law Court. The court allowed him to access the house and pick his belongings.