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Nyota Ndogo narrates how she was almost gang raped

By THOMAS MATIKO December 21st, 2018 1 min read

Kenyan songbird Nyota Ndogo has explained why she doesn’t have many female friends after one of them attempted to get her gang raped by seven men.

Nyota Ndogo, who is fond of revealing her private life details on social media, has surprised her fans by narrating the ordeal without getting into details, only promising to come back to complete the story.

The singer recounted how the female friend – whose identity she didn’t reveal – spiked her tea with an aphrodisiac, then left her in a company of seven men for her to be raped.


“Chugeni sana marafiki. Nimeshawahi kuwapa stori ya mwanadada aliyejaribu kunitilia kuku manga kwenye chai kisha kuwaweka wanaume saba wanirepu?” she posted.

Kuku manga is a sex stimulant herb often used on male cattle and horses so as to spike their desire to mate.

Nyota Ndogo also revealed to her fans that she is back into the studio after taking a long hiatus and that she is currently shooting the video for her latest single title Nyumbo.