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Nyota Ndogo blasts bloggers for referring to her hubby as ‘mzungu’

Mombasa based singer Nyota Ndogo has hit out at bloggers who constantly refer to her caucasian husband as ‘Mzungu.’

The Nibebe hit maker, through a post on her Instagram page, indicated that she was not comfortable with the term being used on her Dannish spouse, Henning Nielsen.

The singer complained that every time she reads an article with the term “Mzungu” she fet like her husband of almost four-years was being discriminated against.

She asked writers on blogs to desist from using them term completely.

“Tafadhalini mabloger mnapokua mbataka kuniandika Mimi na mume wangu plzz andikeni nyota na mume wake na sio mzungu wake.” she wrote.

She argued that Africans feel bad when they are referred to by their skin colour because it is tantamout to racism yet they were ok referring to caucasian persons by the color of their skin.

“Ila sisi waafrica uwa tunaona tunaonewa tunapokua kwa nchi za watu kisha uitwe hey african unaskia nikama unabaguliwa but nyinyi sijui mzungu kumuita ni sawa.” She added

Recently, while speaking to Radio Jambo, Nyota Ndogo revealed that she was struggling to have children with Nielsen, despite her love for children and willingness to expand their family.

The Watu Na Viatu singer said she had visited several doctors but the two have not been successful in conceiving yet.