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Nyota Ndogo reveals real reason why she has no kids with hubby Nielsen

By Thomas Matiko January 28th, 2021 1 min read

Coast based musician Nyota Ndogo has ruled out any possibility of having a child with her husband Henning Nielsen in a revelation that comes five years after they got married.

In a post, she appeared to suggest that her husband Nielsen, who is in his mid-70s, had undergone a vasectomy hence there was no chance of them having a child of their own.

Nyota Ndogo also revealed that the age factor, on the part of her husband, was another reason that informed their decision not to bear any child together.

She also stated that the couple was content with their blended family of five children even as her posts suggested that it was her husband’s decision for them not have children of their own.

She has two children from her past marriage while Nielsen has three from his past relationship.

Better yet, she said, Nielsen is already a grandfather of three and as such, he does not wish to have any more children.

“Mume wangu alikataa tuongeze mtoto. Alisema amekua mtu mzima na yupo na wajukuu na akiweka watoto wake watatu na wangu wawili tupo na watano so plzz acheni kuniambia mambo ya kuzaa ama nimzalie ama wengine kuniambia hooo hutaki kumzalia kwakua nimzee,” she said in the post.

She added, “At list jibu munalo. Naaa munajua kama wazungu hawataki kuzaa ufanya nini sio? Haya basi,” Nyota explained.

The new twist comes three years after Nyota Ndogo said she had tried many times to conceive Nielsen’s baby without success and the latest disclosure sheds more light on the matter.

The couple held a colorful white wedding in 2016 but have been together for over seven years.