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Nyota Ndogo to launch campaign against ‘Wife for Hire’ culture in Coast

Mombasa based singer Nyota Ndogo is set to launch a campaign to fight the practise of men hiring out their wives to tourists at the coast as a source of income.

The singer said the cultural practice is prevalent in Kilifi county that has led to an increase of HIV infections.

She will soon release a new song, Subira, as part of the campaign.

“There are traditions that have been passed with time, especially now with the widespread of HIV. Women are now forced to go out and engage in prostitution just to make ends meet, their men are too lazy to work,” she told Nairobi News on phone on Monday.

The practice of hiring out wives was brought to her attention by women during a performance in Kilifi in 2014. The women pulled her aside and gave her tales of how they fend for their husbands and children.

Mtengo wa utamaduni iweje waume wa Kilifi Ganze wakodisha wake zao kwa ngono kwa shilingi elfu tano au mbuzi tano…

“Malo..ndo faini inayotozwa wazinifu jamani watu wamezika maadili ya jamii baraza la wazee limeshindwa pia tatua haya ..ugonjwa wa ukimwi hawaogopi jamani ?karne tulioko jamani mila na desturi zengine hazistahili,” she posted on her Facebook page.

“Mwanamke chukuwa subira yako usidhalilishwe na tamaduni zilopitwa na wakati. #‎subira.”

“I am releasing a song next month titled Subira which will also launch the tour that I am planning. It is time that as artistes we do more than just sing, we should start talking about these issues affecting the community especially women. This will be part of my agenda on my tour,”  Nyota Ndogo told Nairobi News.