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Nyota Ndogo weds Danish man she met in a cyber cafe – PHOTOS

Popular Kenyan singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, commonly known as Nyota Ndogo, tied the knot over the weekend in a colorful Swahili wedding in Voi.

The love birds had been in a long distance relationship for two years that involved numerous trips between Mombasa and Denmark where the groom Henning Nielson is based.

According to the singer, her Danish boyfriend first proposed to her six months after they fell in love.


The two met in 2014 while Nyota Ndogo was on a music tour in America. She had just finished her performance and was in a cyber cafe in Washington DC when they first set eyes on each other.

“I had finished my performance and, unlike most other singers who opt to go out and party in clubs after a show, I usually spend my time in a cyber café, in social media to be precise, because I do not go out to clubs.

“It was while there that this gentleman comes to greet me and we started talking and right before I leave he asks me to give him my contacts so we can continue talking,” Nyota Ndogo told Nairobi News in a telephone interview.

After months of social media and email flirtations the two finally decided to have a serious relationship.


So will the singer now move to Denmark?

“I love my job and I love my country. what we have agreed on is that at the moment we will continue with the arrangement we have, that is alternate in visiting each other, but after ten years my husband has agreed to permanently come and live in Kenya,” Nyota Ndogo said in the interview.

The union has endured its share of banter on social media, as fans expressed their views on her choice of a husband.

Most of her fans felt that her Danish husband is much older. But the songstress insisted she has the right to wed who she wants.


“I have a right to fall in love, in fact we started out as friends before it turned into love. My husband is only 18 years older than me so we are in the same age bracket. And in any case he could only be a sponsor if I was desperate financially which I am not. The house I live in I built it with my own money and I have supported myself with my music,” said Nyota Ndogo.

Nyota Ndogo has two children Mbarak and Barke from previous relationships.