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Nyota Ndogo: Why my baby daddy dumped me

Mombasa-based artiste Nyota Ndogo, born Mwanaisha Abdalla, has opened up on how she was dumped by her baby daddy he found out she was pregnant.

Via a post on social media while celebrating her daughter, the Watu Na Viatu hitmaker adds the denial broke her heart into a million little pieces.

“We have been friends before you were born. Sometimes I ask myself why I cried when I was abandoned with your pregnancy. Maybe I was stupid, but I do not think so,” she said.

The singer added that given the kind of relationship she was in, being dumped while pregnant was the last thing that she anticipated.

“I never saw myself being dumped because people get dumped for a reason but I was dumped abruptly,” she continued.

The situation, she says, left her feeling betrayed by the man she loved before she elected to move on.

“I stopped crying after realizing I needed you (my daughter) in my life. Look at us now, best friends ever. You never want to see me cry, you cry without knowing why you are doing so,”

“May God give you long life, may he protect you against ill health, and may he make your life easy. My daughter, you have a good heart continue being so and never change,”

Nyota Ndogo is currently married to a Dutchman namely Henning Nielsen.

In a previous interview, the respected singer said she has not been able to give her husband a child, despite being in good health.

“We have not been able to bear kids. this is despite us going to the hospital on different occasions. The doctor said that both of us were in good condition,” she said.

She also suggested her marriage had challenges just like any other, but they work things through together and also opened up on how her friends and relatives frequently ask for financial favours simply because she is married to a white man.