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Obama siblings tear each other apart over former US President’s place of birth

The Obama family in Kenya is at war on Twitter.

It all started when former US President Barack Obama’s half  brother Malik, whose decisions within the family are known to go against the grain, posted what appeared to be a birth certificate suggesting his famous brother was born in Kenya.

The document, titled ‘Certified Copy of registration of Birth’ indicates one Barack Hussein, was born at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, to Barack Hussein Obama aged 26, who listed his profession as a student, and 18-year-old Ann Dunham from Kansas City, in the US.

The document indicates the said Barack was born on August 4, 1961.

But in a swift response Malik’s younger sister Auma blasted him for being ‘bitter’ and ‘jealous’.

An angry Auma, who is particularly close to Barack, minced no words as she took her controversial elder brother head on.

“You are blindly consumed by jealousy and bitterness that you will go to any length to slander your younger brother’s name – literally! Just because he has outshone you in every single aspect of his life. Seek relevance elsewhere big brother!” Auma tweeted.

In another tweet, Auma chided her elder brother for being a turncoat while reminding him how many years ago before Obama became president, Malik embraced and welcomed him when he visited the family’s ancestral home in Kenya.

Even exiled Kenyan politician Miguna Miguna has been sucked into this family feud, although he is clearly on Barack’s side.

If this document is legit, it would raise questions about Barack Obama’s nationality, and consequently his his decision to vie for the Senator and Presidency of the United States of America.

He won the two political seats which are exclusively reserved for American citizens.

The Kenyan law makes one a citizen automatically at birth in the country, and considering there was no dual citizenship at the time, it means Barack Obama who is married and has two kids in the USA, would have to change citizenship to qualify to vie in the USA.

The development comes days after Malik backed Deputy President William Ruto for the presidency in 2022.