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Obama’s brother congratulates Ruto but shades the ex-US president

By Wangu Kanuri September 6th, 2022 2 min read

Former US president Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik has congratulated President-Elect William Ruto after the Kenya Supreme Court affirmed his win.

“CONGRATULATIONS @WilliamsRuto,” he tweeted.

Malik also blasted his brother saying he was selfish and ‘his Kenyan family meant nothing to him.’

Malik and Barack enjoy a frosty relationship and it has affected the way they relate. When Barack was contesting for the presidency, Malik campaigned for his opponent Donald Trump.

“I love President Obama, because he is my brother,” he said. “But Obama is a hypocrite. He is not helping us at all. … Obama has done nothing for this family for the last eight years. We have been waiting for his help in vain.”

Drumming his support for Trump, Malik said that he was bold, fearless and tough adding, “He is not fake. He tells us the way he sees it.”

In 2020, Malik posted a supposedly fake birth certificate of his half-brother Obama in yet another of his attempts to discredit him.

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However, Kenyans on Twitter led by Auma Obama castigated Malik saying he was consumed and driven by jealousy and bitterness towards President Obama.

“Just because he has outshone you in every single aspect of his life. Seek relevance elsewhere big brother,” she said.

However, in all Malik’s attempts to ‘attract’ Obama’s attention, the latter does not respond.

Barack ruled the USA for two terms and eight years. He was an American citizen born to a Kenyan father and has several relatives in Kenya.

The 44th president of the United States has been active in the political scene whilst writing several books.

On Saturday last week, Obama won the best narrator Emmy Award for his Netflix documentary series, Our Great National Parks.

The Netflix series showcased natural beauty spanning five continents. The achievement has only been accomplished by 17 people so far.

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