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Obama’s brother seeks Uhuru’s help to retain US, Kenya flags

By KNA May 22nd, 2015 1 min read

A half-brother US president Barack Obama has written to President Uhuru Kenyatta protesting against a police order that requires him to remove the Kenya and USA flags he has been flying outside his hotel in Kogello, Siaya County.

Malik Abong’o, Obama’s half-brother, has been flying the two flags in front of his hotel, which he has christened Barrack Hussein Obama Recreational and Rest Centre.

Siaya County police boss Stephen Cheteka, said police have written to Malik, to remove the flags in the last two years, but he has not complied.

Mr Cheteka on Friday told journalists in Siaya town that the concern about the flags was now more critical with the visit coming of President Obama to Kenya in July this year.

He said he had ordered his officers at Kogello police post to ensure the flags were removed before next week.

“It will be bad for the image of the two governments that somebody can be allowed to fly state flags permanently at a private premise,” he said.

But when reached for comment, Mr Abong’o said he would not remove the flags. He maintained that it was his constitutional right to use them. He added that he had written to President Kenyatta to protest the order.

“They have told me to remove them before, but without telling me what law I have broken,” he quipped. “According to the Constitution, every patriotic Kenyan had a right to own a flag.”