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Obama’s half-sister hit with tear gas in Tuesday anti-Finance Bill protests

By Reuters June 26th, 2024 1 min read

Kenyan activist Auma Obama, the half-sister of former U.S. President Barack Obama, was among protesters tear-gassed on Tuesday during demonstrations outside the parliament building in Nairobi, a CNN interview showed.

Police opened fire on demonstrators trying to storm Kenya’s legislature on Tuesday, with at least five protesters killed, dozens wounded and sections of the parliament building set ablaze as lawmakers inside passed legislation to raise taxes.

Auma Obama was taken aside in the melee by a CNN reporter and asked why she was there.

“I’m here because – look at what’s happening. Young Kenyans are demonstrating for their rights. They’re demonstrating with flags and banners. I can’t even see anymore,” she said, beginning to cough and shield her eyes from the spreading smoke.

“We are being tear-gassed.”

A man behind her carried a sign reading, “Colonialism never ended in Kenya,” while another yelled, “This is our country. This is our nation.”

Auma Obama earlier posted photos of herself on Twitter at the protest.

The office of former President Obama said it had no immediate comment on the incident involving Auma Obama or the violence in Kenya.