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Obama’s memorable quotes while in Kenya

US President Barack Obama is rightly known as a great orator. So when he visited Kenya last week every one was ready to listen to him.

Obama’s strength to speak not only lie in his oratory skills but in his all round communication, which include his speeches, formal and informal press conferences, and other forms of public appearances.

Above all, Obama has shown his key strength as a communicator in his ability to convey messages to different audiences.

Here are some of his memorable quotes during his tour of Kenya:

On National Unity

“We are all part of one tribe, the human tribe.”

“We have not inherited this land from our forebears, we have borrowed it from our children.”

“Progress requires that we honestly confront the dark corners of our past.”

“Whatever the challenge, you will be stronger if you face it as Kenyans.”

On corruption

“There is no country that is completely free from corruption. The fact is, too often here in Kenya, corruption is tolerated because that’s how it’s always been done.”

“Fighting corruption is not just about changing laws. Ordinary people have to stand up and say enough is enough.”

“Corruption continues to deny many Kenyans jobs. Every shilling paid as a bribe could be paid to someone who is doing an honest day’s work.”

On terrorism

“We honor the memory of every Kenyan who has lost a life in the fight against terrorism.”

“We are grateful of the progress of AMISOM and the US faces similar threats of terrorism as Kenya.”

“Violent extremists want to turn people against each other. The terrorists know that they are a minority that cannot win.”

On women and girl empowerment

“Around the world, there is a tradition of oppressing women. Just because something is a tradition does not make it right.”

“Treating girls and women as second class citizens is a bad tradition, it holds you back.”

“Communities that give their daughters the same chances as their sons prosper.”

“Any nation that fails to educate girls is doomed to lag behind in the global economy.”

On youth and development

“It is the young people who must take the lead.”

“We are connecting young people full of ideas who are not weighed down by ideas from the past.”

“You don’t need to look overseas to realize your dreams.”

“I like the phrase “Yes Youth Can.”