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Obama offers United States’ backing for business growth in Africa

US President Barack Obama has backed Africa to grow its business opportunities and eventually lift its citizens out of poverty.

Obama was speaking during the official opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi.

President Obama also outlined the importance of women getting involved in business whilst stressing that he is proud to be the first sitting American President to tour Kenya.

“I wanted to be here because Africa is on the move. People are being lifted out of poverty. The middle class is growing and young people are harnessing technology to change the way business is done,” Obama said.

“Women are powerhouse entrepreneurship. When they succeed, they invest more in their families and communities,” he added.

Earlier, the America President who is son of a Kenyan father had tickled the audience at the summit by greeting them in Sheng, a Kenyan slang with corrupted words and phrases in English, Kiswahili and indigenous languages.

“Niaje wasee, hawayuniii” Obama said, which roughly translates to “How are you guys.”

Speaking at the same function, President Uhuru Kenyatta highlighted some of the innovations from the Kenyan market.

“Kenyans were key in the innovation of transferring money through the mobile phone. This hows that Africa is ready for business. Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world must be premised on mutual benefit,” President Kenyatta said.