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Obinna wanted to be paid Sh1million at Kiss FM before he quit

Comedian Oga Obinna has dropped a hint of the reason why he left Kiss FM where he worked for a year. And it appears his departure had everything to do with money.

This has come to light after Obinna responded to a cheeky comment by fellow comedian Eddie Butita on Instagram.

On Tuesday, Butita publicly expressed his desire replace Obinna on The Morning Kiss breakfast show, going to the extent of quoting the salary he would accept for the job.

“Dear @kiss100kenya mko na 1 million per month? Price is not negotiable #ikokazikenya,” Butita wrote.

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To this Obinna responded by revealing that he had also asked for a similar amount which he was not granted.

“Hata mimi nilitaka hiyo ikakuwa tricks (I also wanted the same amount but it was not fulfilled)… punguza kidogo economy ni mbaya (reduce that figure, the economy is not good) Cheza na 700 hapo (ask for about Sh700,000). All the best,” Obinna wrote.

The comedian had also told Nairobi News that his contract with Radio Africa Group expired and for personal reasons, he chose to go.

Asked if he would go back to radio, Obinna said it was his first love but now he will do it for money.

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“If I get another opportunity on radio, I will go back there and do any show, whether breakfast or drive. I will do it for the money. It used to be for the love, but we can’t feed our children with love, it is for the money,” he said.

Obinna joined Kiss FM after Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang’o exited the media industry for politics in February last year.

In the period that he was at the station, the comedian worked with radio moguls Kamene Goro and Kwambox.

Obinna described the two bubbly media personalities as amazing as he promised to now go big on content creation on his YouTube channel.

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