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Obinna: Why I never loved my baby mama

Mumama, for those not in the know, is the latest slang term for a sugar mummy.

The latest drama surrounding this lifestyle choice is Obinna, a media personality, and one of his three baby mamas, namely Mama Adalola.

The estranged wife claimed that their marriage failed when the radio presenter began dating an older woman who was funding the lifestyle he enjoyed flaunting on social media.

The affair, that reportedly began in November 21, resulted in Obinna allegedly obtaining property from the mumama including a Sh 6 million worth car.

She accused him of also taking their children to his older lover and lying to her about it while behind his back, the children would later reveal their whereabouts to their mother.

She further accused him of once coming home with his boxer worn inside out and condoms in his pockets; as well as frustrating her.

Obinna, born Steve Maghana, has since responded to the accusations and threatened to sue her baby mama for defamation.

“She won’t have any money to pay me. She will suffer. She will probably be thrown in (jail) and my kids will miss their mother…mambo ni mengi masaa ni machache (a lot of things are to be said but the time is little). I wake up at 4am daily to work.

Obinna also revealed that in one of their domestic disputes, Mama Adalola broke all the plates in the house, windows and things in sight except for the television. This was after he had a photo of himself taken carrying singer Size 8.

In all the drama, Obinna alleged that his woman beat him up.

“She took some of my bracelets that had beads (shambalas) and began swallowing the beads one by one. She even took Amoxil medicine ati to commit suicide. That was the time it hit me, yoh, you need to get out of this and that was when I decided I was going to leave,” said Obinna.

He left their home in March 2022 and allegedly moved in with his sugar mummy.

He also revealed that during the pandemic, his wife got a job and her entire lifestyle changed. He alleged her attitude changed, she spent less time with the children and came home at odd hours in the night.

“I once told her, if you meet someone and you fall in love, let me know and I’ll let you go because I don’t love you, I’ve never loved you and I don’t think I will. We are together here because of the children. For nine years I never told her I loved her even once. You can ask her,” said Obinna in an interview.

He also revealed that he would be repossessing everything he had bought for her, saying that she will leave him the way she came to him- with nothing.