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This, for obvious reasons, is the World Cup team all women are supporting

Ladies now have a reason to watch the 2018 World Cup, or rather, just one team; and they won’t be watching because of the players’ great football skills; and that team happens to be Iran.

The Iranian national team has caused quite a stir on the internet globally after photos of the members made the rounds ahead of the start of the tournament.

Clad in dark blue suits, white shirts and dark sunglasses, the team members looked more like models for Giorgio Armani rather than footballers.

Going under the hashtag #TeamIran and #TeamMelli, women from all around the world posted photos of the team and pledged their undying support for them in this year’s world Cup.

Ifrah Maskan@ifrah23 tweeted that, “Guys omg I just saw pictures of Iran’s football team. Are they men or Greek gods like omg????!??? Shia men are so good looking, I tell you!”


Hasti Taghi@HastiTaghi tweeted, “I heard the internet was suddenly #teamiran because of these guys – can you blame anyone? Sports can be a way to bridge political gaps – especially when these are the athletes representing us. Iran’s national football team #TeamMelli ⚽️ has landed for the #WorldCup2018.”

“Iran national football team!! *reaches for a cold glass of water* I shall be supporting this team due to their promising football skills and tenacity!” Joyce Rizzoli Gichungu shared on Facebook.

“Okay, so I am #TeamIran for the eyes and #TeamGermany for the cup,” admitted S@RaquelShiro.

“Iran’s football team! Hopefully they will play as good as they look!” Zarrin Doraki @ZarrinDoraki said.

Even men had to agree that the team was looking good.

Robert Carter@Bob_cart124 said, “Iran’s national football team must be the most dapper team at this years #WorldCup.@TeamMelliIran you got style!”

“Have you seen the internet breaking pictures of Iran’s dapper football squad? Girls have already picked their favourite team,” Ali Arif??@i_aliarif observed on Twitter.